Ever wonder what happens when you have a dream of what you want to do as a child as to what you finally become as an adult? When I was a kid I wanted to draw comic books; not just any old comic either, I wanted to the best Batman artist that ever lived. I bought my first Batman comic in 1974 for a whole .60 cents. That was a lot of a comic back then but it was Batman #259 which had 100 pages. Mainly it consisted of one new story with lots of reprints from the golden and silver age of Batman. I think I bought it because it had the Shadow in it too plus it was drawn by two of my favorite artists Irv Novick was the penciler and Dick Giordano was the inker. My family can tell you my love of comics continued for the next 31 years give or take some time off for two years of church service on a mission to England but when I came home I started collecting again. I once had a collection of over 100,000 comics; that has dwindled down the past 20 years as interests have changed. I went to lessons as a child; my mother encouraged it as a creative outlet and I was good. I entered local competitions and always placed well either in the 1st to 3rd range of my age group but I mainly did portraits, still life, stuff that my teachers had me create; not what I really wanted. College was no different at first; fundamentals all over again until you get into the, "let's see what you can really do" professors studios. I thrived their learning how to sculpt with unusual media, welding materials, super large 12ft.x18ft. canvases computer-generated art with paint, illustrator, and photoshop. Then one day something changed as I was writing a paper about Julia Morgan the architect who created "La Cuesta Encantada" better known as Hearst Mansion. This was before the internet so I was knee-deep in old issues of obscure Architectural magazines and articles that hadn't seen the light of day in 60-70 years. I finished my pape, which received an A mainly because it was over twenty pages long and the professor no know else had ever even tried to write about her because the bibliography had seemed so scarce from the initial surface. I told him it wasn't and that I thanked him by telling him how much I enjoyed his class and that I since that was the last test I was leaving school to go home for summer break and I wouldn't be back.
Something had changed that final semester that made me realize that "yes I could probably continue on this path and be a good artist and maybe even eventually draw comics" but my heart wasn't their anymore. I wanted to do something more worthwhile'"I wanted to work in the family business and sell trucks and cars."
In the summer of 1993, I left UNT (University of North Texas) and went back to Gilmer, Texas to re-learn how to detail used cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans, and I did. Then one day we had a salesman out sick and I was called to the main office to sell a 1992 Chevrolet Lumina (it was white with red molding) and I did it. "Wow, that was easy." So began my career selling instead of detailing and I learned something else about me; I was having more fun selling than I ever did doing anything else; yes that even including painting, drawing, sculpting, etc. Selling was actually in my blood and I think I came by it naturally; my grandfather sold, my dad, is the best salesman I have had the privilege to work with. We had an old wholesaler who worked for us for years named Bucky Little who could sell a snake back the skin it just shed as if it was brand new. So I learned from the best.
Why do we sell commercial trucks and not everything under the sun? Well, it's really simple and it's not because we want our dealership to look like it's snowing 12 months of the year.  One product line is simpler to sell than four or five. We want to build a reputation in Northeast Texas, Longview/Tyler area that we are your best supplier of all your commercial vehicle needs. That's not to say we limit ourselves to a certain brand within the commercial vehicle area. We sell Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge  Ram, Freightliner, Mercedes Benz, and other manufacturers. We carry pickups, flatbed trucks, service & utility bed trucks, cargo vans, step vans, box trucks, and even food vendor trucks.
We have been in business since 1951 and during that time we have always believed that if we deliver the best commercial vehicle, at a fair price, and offer quality hometown service we can be your best resource for all your commercial vehicle needs. Just let us show you and you won't be disappointed.